MathsGenius joins 1873FM

“Maths is to the mind what love is to the heart”, Edzai Zvobwo, Chief Genius at MathsGenius Leadership Institute (MGLI) strongly stated in his seminal book entitled The Mathematical Genius in You. The self-anointed maths genius has graced many a stage in South Africa and beyond in his bid to Read more…

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Education challenges in South Africa

Education Challenges in South Africa You are invited to participate in a survey, entitled “Education challenges in South Africa,” conducted by  S. Zvobwo, D. Mathebula and A. Shekleton who are undergraduate students at Vega School of Brand Leadership, studying Strategic Brand Communication The purpose of this study is to examine Read more…

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Billionaire Naveen Jain talks problem solving.

Do not solve symptoms, solve problems. https://ndiribho.tv/uploads/videos/af62a415c1358d78a6cdcb3e0cc94c20035d76b8.mp4 Naveen K. Jain (born September 6, 1959)[1] is a business executive, entrepreneur and the founder and former CEO of InfoSpace. His work at InfoSpace was one of the contributors to the dot-com bubble. InfoSpace briefly became one of the largest internet companies in Read more…

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Viet Vu: Why Study Mathematics

 By Viet Vu I’m studying Applied Math (an interest outside of? (also aligns with) Economics which is my main interest) in university so I’m not an actual mathematician. Ability to think outside the box: When a methodology doesn’t work to solve a problem/ prove a theorem, you move on to other Read more…

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Business models: The Platform Manifesto

The rapid change of technology has facilitated the vast mutation of business models of companies around the globe. Business as a platform has always existed but companies like Uber, Facebook, AirBnb and Google have taken the business model to greater heights. This morning I got an email from Sangeet Paul Read more…

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